WEEK Of June 26, 2017



DAYSDAYS Weekly Recaps:

  • Deimos has slipped Halo into the drinks at the Martin House party.
  • Under the effect of Halo, Chad and Abigail imagine that they are renewing their vows.
  • Nicole and Eric share a kiss!
  • Rafe proposes to Hope.
  • Gabi stumbles onto a dead body.


GH Weekly Recaps:

  • Josslyn lashes out.
  • Nina resorts to blackmail.
  • Sam has a change of heart.
  • Julian makes his case.
  • Spencer wants what’s his.



B&B Weekly Recaps:

  • Ridge assures Quinn that Eric will never find out about their affair, but his gift states otherwise.
  • Julius shocks the family when he unleashes his feelings regarding Maya being Lizzy’s mother.
  • Following months of flirting and canoodling, RJ and Coco make their relationship official.
  • The issue regarding Lizzy’s adoption papers becomes a point of contention in the Avant family.
  • In spite of Pam’s insistence that he stop, Charlie can’t let go of his fixation with Ridge & Quinn.


Y&RY&R Weekly Recaps:

  • Victor and Jack clash over Nikki.
  • Jill returns home to an unpleasant surprise.
  • Jack targets Brash & Sassy.
  • Lily learns the truth about Cane and Juliet.
  • Dina gives Ashley troubling news.

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