WEEK OF July 28, 2014



DAYSDAYS Weekly Recaps:

  • Eve blackmails Theresa into helping her out with a medical situation.
  • Daniel is horrified when he realizes what Kristen is planning for Brady.
  • Abigail and Sami have a major standoff!
  • EJ is stunned by Victor’s revelation.
  • Sparks fly when Eric and Nicole head to Rome to clear his name.


GH Weekly Recaps:

  • An explosion targeting Julian’s family has him out for blood.
  • Tracy learns about a new development in regards to Alice’s condition.
  • Josslyn is keeping a secret.
  • Nina has a “surprise” for Silas.
  • Patrick and Sam discover an unexpected twist while investigating Nina.



B&B Weekly Recaps:

  • Liam is furious when he learns he’s been betrayed by a newly-trusted family member.
  • Bill expresses to Brooke his great desire to be married as soon as possible.
  • Wyatt has a plan when he asks Rick to call a Forrester Creations press conference.
  • Deacon becomes a major deterrent in Bill’s attempted reconciliation with Brooke.
  • An unexpected kiss potentially changes the game plan for a couple in love.


Y&RY&R Weekly Recaps:

  • Emotions run high between Hilary and Devon.
  • Victor receives important information about Phyllis.
  • The claws come out between Mariah and Summer.
  • Kevin ends up in hot water with Detective Harding.
  • Billy and Chelsea try to define their relationship.

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