WEEK Of April 20, 2015



DAYSDAYS Weekly Recaps:

  • Adrienne admits to Sonny she’s been having an affair with Lucas.
  • Chad makes sure Will gets a new writing assignment on a prominent Salem resident.
  • Kristen is stunned when she comes face-to-face with Brady.
  • John arrives in San Francisco to make amends with Paul, but it doesn’t go as planned.
  • Clint lures an unsuspecting Theresa into a trap.


GH Weekly Recaps:

  • Carly’s skepticism of Hayden grows.
  • Nikolas finds himself in passionate situation.
  • Sloane pressures Jake to find out what the Jeromes are plotting.
  • Morgan and Kiki come clean.
  • Nathan questions Silas about his business in New York.



B&B Weekly Recaps:

  • The fate of Deacon and Quinn’s nuptials hangs in the balance as Hope talks to her dad.
  • With an ulterior motive in mind, Wyatt makes an offer to Nicole.
  • Ivy and Liam interrogate Rick about his relationship and future with Maya.
  • Eric gives Rick a token of his appreciation for his success as Forrester Creations’ CEO.
  • Rick confides in Eric and Brooke his desire to spend the rest of his life with Maya.


Y&RY&R Weekly Recaps:

  • Jack plots his escape!
  • Victor’s secret partner is revealed!
  • Avery warns Sharon to back off.
  • Chelsea confronts Victoria.
  • Michael’s behavior troubles Lauren.

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