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59 February 14th, 2013 Y&R’s Melody Thomas Scott Discusses Nikki’s Shocking Medical Diagnosis!

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Everyone was wondering why Nikki had the sudden case of the shaky hands when she was trying to play the piano on an episode this week on The Young and the Restless.  Well on today’s episode, it has been revealed that Nikki has been diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis!   TV Guide Magazine’s Michael Logan went straight to the source, Nikki’s portrayer, Y&R icon Melody Thomas Scott to get her thoughts and view point on Nikki’s latest plight!

From what you will gather from reading the interview, Nikki’s newly diagnosed MS will be a story about living with the disease, not dying from it.  Here are a few excepts from the interview below!

Melody on how she found out that Nikki would deal with Multiple Sclerosis:  “I did have a sit-down meeting, a little three-way with head writer Josh Griffith and executive producer Jill Phelps. They wanted to know how I felt about the idea, and I told them I thought it was great. Josh didn’t know I used to play piano on Y&R way back when, so he decided to revive that and use it to show the beginnings of Nikki’s symptoms — the shaky hands, the cramping, the feeling you’ve got arthritis. “

Melody on if she thinks this story is a big bummer, or Debbie Downer!: Nikki is a bummer. She’s all about misfortune and tragedy and always has been. Her back problems several years ago were horribly debilitating and that led her to addiction. It’s always something with her! I’ve think Josh is a wonderful writer and he’s never given me any reason not to trust him. And I love Jill. All of those horrible stories we heard when she was hired — “Watch out, the wicked witch is coming!” — were ridiculous. I don’t see any evidence of what those people were talking about. She’s a doll. They’ve both been very good to me.”

So soapers, what do you think about Nikki developing Multiple Sclerosis? Are you intrigued by the story and its  ability to shed light on MS?  Weigh-in!

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  1. Scott (ATWT Fan) says:

    I was truly shocked when Nikki revealed it at the end of today’s episode. But I find it to be a beautiful opportunity to tell a great story from a headwriter who knows what he is doing. I look forward to seeing how this is going to pan-out for Nikki and Melody Thomas Scott as an actress. =)


    Sandy replied

    PLEASE NO MORE NIKKI AND VICTOR! They need to put them on the back burner. I can not take another wedding for the million time! Both blame poor Sharon for everything when they need a mirror and look at there own kids for there problems NOT Sharons fault!!! The MS may be Karma for the wicked Newmans! :)


    Scott (ATWT Fan) replied

    Um you’re a disgusting human being for saying M.S. is a karma curse. That’s disgusting and as someone who knows someone with M.S. who is feeling support from this storyline, you’re disgusting for saying that. IDGAF if it’s a soap or not, you do not say that.

    Sheryre Campbell replied

    Thank u so much 4 saying that, I’m a person DX W/ MS. HAD IT since 2002. My mom past away w/ it n 1997. The day she was being buried I was n the hospital hveing my son. So thank u so much 4 standing up 4 us all over the world w/this disabling disease. Bless u.

    Lisa replied

    I just hope the writer’s show our disease the way it really is…not sugar coat it. MS fighter since 27 years old- dx 1999. And yahoooo, MS is not Karma. Jerk!

    Angel replied

    Thank you Scott for saying that. as a person living with MS I got offensive when I read what that person said. nobody deserves to have MS i don’t care what they have done in their life. I think they should remove that post because that only makes people with MS question what they have done to deserve this lifelong disease. Stupid people say stupid things. I dont like calling people stupid or any names but it is what it is. Do ur research.


    Scott (ATWT Fan) replied

    Anytime Angel. It just shows how ugly people are, and that they believe anything can be said over the internet when they’re behind a screen. That’s like saying the blind deserve to be blind, or those who live with cancer deserve it. Nobody deserves any hardships they go through in life. But it’s normally those that do who have a greater appreciation for life and for the little things blessed upon them that those who don’t will never know.

  2. Mary SF says:

    I suspected if would be MS, but worried they might make it a terminal illness, so I am relieved it is not designed to kill off the character. It has so much potential to get MTS something meaty to play other than complaining about Victor. It will also shed light on the illness, inform and dismiss some myths. Stories like these on soaps can do a lot good, if written honestly and authentically, like the HIV/AIDS story line they did with Christine’s mom. I look forward to watching it all unfold


  3. Jules says:

    Eeeeps. Even the actors were worried about JFP. That’s a bad reputation she has going on….true or not!

    As for Nikki’s diagnosis, while I admit MS is a better route than say another brain tumor or cancer or a bad ticker etc, I still think this is such an unimaginative avenue to take the character. This is the kind of story they write when they want to give you a BIG story, but can’t do it in any character driven way, so they have to create the event from scratch. That’s one thing Carlavati is very good at….the building of a story, crafting it from point A with the intention of taking it to G, P and eventually Z- and I am no fan of GH (….anymore). So, I’m not very interested in this latest diagnosis, much like everything else happening on YR these days.


    Lori Harward replied

    Not trying to be rude or just plain angry in this reply, but it shows your total lack of concern and ignorance about this disiease. My aunt lived for over 30 years with MS, I was diagnosed in 2003. It is a REAL disease, and just the type of illness that needs to be addressed on a terrific show like Y&R who will no-doubt write this story line with intelligence and sensitivity to those of us who do suffer daily.
    I only hope that through the writers research and dialogue that is written for Nikki that the general public and viewers that have no clue about MS, like yourself, will learn that MS has no boundries , can appear in a moment’s notice or be subtle just as Nikki described to Jack. She said that she had symptoms for years but had dismissed them. That is EXACTLY what happens to most of us living with MS.
    Hopefully the writers will show that treatment helps control the symptoms, but doesn’t end the disease, cure the dsease, or make it disappear. Daily injections are not fun, leave scars and site reactions. They are not fun, but necessary to keep the pain at a minimum and prevent additional lesions from appearing. OH, and if you don’t know about the lesions, they are spots on your brain and spinal column that appear when you have MRI’s done every few months to keep a close eye on the progression of the disease.
    Additionally, there are countless medications that help other symptoms such as accute pain from leg spasms and seizures that are similar to restless legs syndrome, medication to control bladder functions (as well as the need for the demeaning need to wear bladder control pads, yay!) another med to reduuce the aching and swelling in your entire body, especially your once pedicured and attractive feet, which now can barely fit into any shoe, and shoes go from beauriful, sexy heels to flat comfort shoes just so that you can walk, with the use of a cane or walker due to issues with dizziness and balance. Oh, there are more pills and meds for the dizziness and additional vision issues – yes, vision changes so rapidly that contact lenses are no longer effective or practical so now it’s glasses, which the prescription may change as quickly as every 3-6 months. There are meds for depression, who wouldn’t be depressed if their lives were changed in ways that couldn’t be imagined.
    Friends and family try to be sensitive, but don’t understand when plans are frequently cancelled at the last minute due to the fact that the pain is so aggressive and consuming that something as simple as a 2-3 hour ride in a car or air travel is no longer possible.
    No traveling, even to be with family and friends for holidays, births, deaths, Christenings, Weddings, hospital visits or girl’s weekends. Oh, shopping is no longer the fun that it used to be, but now is something that is done from the electric scooter that grocery stores provide or from a wheelchair that is borrowed from a friend because walking thru even one store is so painful that most items are ordered online.
    No more sunning by the pool, enjouing a day at the beach, or just an outdoorr picnic due to the fact that heat can trigger another attack). No more job and the embarassment of applying for Social Security Disability, get a handicap placqard for your car, be under contstant criticism by everyone who sees a young woman being driven to an from appointments, park in the handicapped area, use a cane, walker or wheelchair. Suddenly there are no more dinner parties, no more entertaining, no going to your college football games and tailgates, not cleaning your house due to extreme pain and fatigue, stop having a sexual relationship with spouse due to the pain and discomfort during and especially after.
    Need I go on, Jules? Perhaps you need to be using your computer to do a little research into this disease before you dismiss the storyline and berate the writers, maybe you could do better! This is exactly the storyline that lifelong soap-watchers will enjoy seeing, and following as this is a continuing, ongoing process.


    Jules replied


    I have a few things to say in response to your reply:

    First, you know nothing about me, my knowledge of MS or my history with the disease. I need to say that foremost. I’m not sure what part of my post made you choose to associate the word “ignorant” with it, so please feel free to clarify that. But I can assure you, not that I need to, that my comprehension of the disease goes far beyond the credit (or lack thereof) you’re assuming I have.

    And to the same point, at what instance did I show a “lack of concern” for the disease? With all due respect, I think you’re mixing my lack of faith in YR and their competency for a decent storyline (an opinion of which I am wholly entitled to) with some misguided sense of lack of respect for the illness or those suffering from it. Again, re-read my post and explain what you mean when you throw those words around because I’m sorry but they are as baseless and just plain untrue as they come.

    Second, I’m not sure why you have “no doubt” that the writers will do MS justice. Have you that much faith in a show that gave you giant chipmunks? Different regime, yes. But soaps aren’t infallible. Even with the best of intentions to write a real socially conscious storyline that relates to many people, like GH did with PPD or DAYS with Alzheimer’s, things don’t always add up and a potentially good storyline burns out very quickly. Of course it’s your choice to believe so greatly in the YR team and I wouldn’t begrudge you for it. But just bare in mind the actress can only do as much justice as the writing and direction behind her. I hope YR handles the MS storyline with as much correct information and representation, heart, and entertainment as you are anticipating from it.

    Third, without sounding condescending (which I feel I need to explain because that is NOT my intent) I certainly empathize with your situation and how much your life has changed because of MS. I can only begin to imagine how this has affected your life. Yet I still don’t know why my particular post would aggravate you to the point of such a passionate response as the one you left, including feeling the need to educate me on MS. This goes back to my first point, so I’ll just stop here on this point.

    And fourth, once again, I want to stress that my post was about YR and the way they have introduced the disease to the canvas. NOTHING MORE. You have read things in it that simply are not there.

    I thank you for your reply, albeit as confused as I may be by it. Before you jump to conclusions and get riled up, I suggest asking to be sure you understand the intent. It would have saved you a lot of time and energy, and me too.


    Karlyn replied


    I too, live with MS (7 years) and was in NO WAY offended by your remarks. In fact, when I first heard Nikki say it to Jack, I was surprised largely for the same reasons you were. MS is ongoing and and even with the Relapse and Remitting version, fatigue is always a problem. You may be fully able and moving around without assistance, but there are daily, weekly, or monthly hassles of medication. Are the writers going to remember to make Nikki hop out of bed, or stop or morning coffee to take her meds? Will they show her for her monthly trip to the hospital for her “drip?” Will they remember to knock the wind out of her every afternoon, to the point where we understand she’s napping almost everyday or tired when she doesn’t. Will they keep this story line up for the rest of her time on the show, or drop it, when it becomes a pain to remember?

    Much like you never saw Ross and Rachel’s kid on “Friends,” or little Johnny for that matter on Y&R. I didn’t even know Neil’s daughter (her name escapes me now) or Chloe had kids until they mentioned them once recently. I’ve never seen them. (I get the whole child acting thing, blah, blah, blah, but you have to make SOME effort to add some realism to the storyline. They may just take the lazy route and stop writing about her disease when it becomes too mundane to write about. Though I suspect when things get to calm for Nikki and Victor, they’ll give her a whopping relapse to spice things up. I love the idea, and the fact that she presented it and explained it perfectly. MS is rare enough that there aren’t hundreds of millions going into research for a cure because Cancer, Heart Disease, and Diabetes will always be bigger, so any profile to make people care is appreciated. But, as a fan of the show, I would hope the writers take good care to make it as real as possible.

    Don’t sweat the previous post. There are some who equate MS and all things said in the same sentence to be a part of their identity. You can’t help that, so don’t worry about it. Keep having an opinion…whatever it is. The joy of being human.

    Jules replied

    Thanks Karlyn. I appreciate your opinion on the show’s incorporation of the disease, your encouragement to me and your post in general.

    For what it’s worth, I think your theory of how they’ll portray MS in a year from now is spot on. Sonny on GH has had a diagnosis of bi-polar ever since 2006, and other than in 2011 when he “went off his meds” his disorder was only ever mentioned when it was convenient (like relating to Robin’s postpartum depression). Luke and Kendell’s bad heart (on GH/AMC respectively), same thing, when it’s necessary the writers remember. The examples are endless!

    They all do it! These characters’ lives are supposed to be affected to the point that they’re forever changed by these diagnoses. But they’re introduced as plots, and that’s it. Not every show has to have the characters taking meds everyday, or talking about it, or what have you. But if you’re going to have the cojones to give a character a life altering illness, don’t shirk your responsibilities to your audience and downplay it once the eye of the storm passes. Robin (on GH) is a great example of a chronic illness (HIV) handled amazingly well. While not perfect (especially in the later years) it was always integrated into the character’s life from who she met, who she treated as a doctor, who she dated, the choices she made etc etc.

    In the end, I’d love to have what you (both) want- a well crafted, educational, real and honest portrayal of MS. Maybe I’m disillusioned by the show, but I don’t see the chances of that happening very good.

    Dee replied

    I was kind of disappointed to see that Nikki was diagnosed with MS only because I agree with you; I don’t feel confident in the writers’ ability to properly portray the illness. Are they going to address the type of MS she has and educate the viewers that there are different types. From what I’ve seen already, it’s become an information segment in the dialogue between Nikki and her family where they were spewing facts.

    I live with PPMS, a type of MS that steadily progresses with no periods of remittance and there is no treatment or drug therapy. PPMSers have to resort to experimental treatments in hopes that it may give us some kind of relief or hope of slowing down the process, something I doubt Y & R will really delve into. Jack Osbourne and Ann Romney have been great for public awareness and it makes sense that a number one rated show be a great platform to inform and educate people on a disease that should receive more attention. However, being someone who lives with this everyday and is doing okay for now, I would love to see it done realistically and done right, addressing her type (chances are it’s not RRMS because of the character’s age and lack of symptoms over the years except the ones she ignored), addressing the healthcare challenges most MSers face because a lot of the medications aren’t even covered, etc. My point is, if you’re going to tackle an issue like this one, please do it justice. Hopefully the writers can take a page from GH and handle it like Robin’s HIV storyline.

    Oh, and I have NO IDEA how your first post could possible be perceived as “ignorant” because everything you said was true :)


  4. Pav says:

    I have a friend witn MS. She’s a lawyer, who lives a full and rich life. She has issues, of course. But she has found a way to deal with the disease and still be who she is. There seems to be a rise in the cases of MS, possibly from enviromental conditions etc, so this is timely.


  5. kelly irons says:

    Great idea…many years ago Days wrote in Maggie’s real life disability with ms or something like it.


    Jules replied

    Suzanne Rogers has fibromyalgia, which though different than MS share certain similarities.


    Shelby replied

    I know this is over a year old. But I can’t help myself. I need to correct you. Suzanne Rogers doesn’t have fibromyalgia she has Myesthina Gravis. In real life and on the show. Just research it a little bit. And I love reading all of your comments very interesting lives you all lead. I don’t have MS I know of few people that do just in my small community. You are all so strong men and women fighting the battle of MS. I am glad I have the privlage to hear your stories.

  6. Tracie says:

    I have MS and I am very excited to see it written into a story line, especially on my favorite Soap! I’d like this to be realistic. Tell us what kind of MS she’s suffering with. Give her accute relapses. Show her going on medication. Watch her puff up from steroid treatment. See her emotions unfold and the emotions of everyone around her. I would like other characters to show ignorance, just like real life. Too many people know nothing about MS. This is an opportunity for a show to educated the viewers and the peers in Genoa City.


  7. Patrick says:

    not knowing how one “lives” with MS…. is it debillitating enough that she can’t have fun…. party….is this something that could curb her libidinous appetite? throw a little cashola around and oscar herself out? LOL.

    i liked her imbibing in liquor…. running from Victor…. pulling our her Tiara….

    and then some… is she related to Adam? now that’s a catch…. I hope he makes the to p 5 for Emmy.


    Nikki… grandstanding at watching or the aftermath of her Tara in ruins…. should fetch something…

    Sean Young needs to get herself back to Genoa City to help prop up Nikki….

    Melody Thomas Scott is at her finest when pure camp and classic Heroine Goddess Chic.


  8. robert says:

    I think this will be a great story.


  9. Alan says:

    Stories like this walk a fine line as far as I am concerned: they are either well-executed (Monica’s breast cancer on GH or Cindy’s AIDS on AMC) or a complete mess (Victor’s epilepsy, Lily’s cancer, and Summer’s speech problems as a result of Patty’s peanut kiss on Y&R). All of the latter were “BIG” stories to begin with and then mostly happened off camera before the characters were miraculously cured or the diagnosis was just forgotten. And then there’s Sharon’s “case of the bi-polars” where the less said, the better.

    When a show decides to “tell a story” about a character suffering from a real-life disease they need to stop and ask themselves if they are prepared to follow through for the long haul or if they just can’t think of anything for the character to do. Millions of people suffer from these diseases including viewers and it’s insulting when a show trots out a “disease plot”, then loses interest and fails to address it in the long-term. Ask anyone suffering from these diseases and I’m sure they’ll tell you it doesn’t go away in 6 months when you’re bored with it and want to move on to something else.

    I have very little faith in the current team at Y&R to follow through with this story — hell, they haven’t even addressed what happened to Segundo after the ranch burned down!


    Mary SF replied

    Maybe Sharon donated the dog to charity like she did poor Abby’s horse- who knows. And speaking of loose ends- they never explained who that poor dead guy was that Sharon ID as Victor? Did his ashes ever make it to his family in LA? Or are they still buried GC under Victor’s name? I realized this was a MAB story line, but they should have at least made mention of it a some point. I guess this guy and Segundo are now part of the Bermuda triangle of lost story threads — along with Rafe the gay lawyer never to be heard from again.


    Patrick replied

    even MTS says so herself…. Nikki is all about misfortune and tragedy… the long-suffering with or without Victor… is too late…. it was fun for the first 20 years?

    She’s a staple that needs to have fun, power, control, a new man….

    will having MS…. be the last straw? where she’ll forever be dependent on Victor? will he take her in? yes, it’s probably manageable… it’d be fun if they went the route that she’s capable of being independant and having FUN, PARTYing… like Gloria, Katherine, and even Jill…..


    Dee replied

    ……and are Rick Daros and Eve still in some crate when they escaped from somewhere (can’t remember). This was yeeeaaaars back and we never saw them since!


    Alan replied

    Rick and Eve were captured and put in the same sanitarium where they fell in love and later escaped to parts unknown. Eve Howard showed up years later to tell her son Cole that his girlfriend Victoria Newman was his half-sister. Unfortunately Eve came down with some illness and lapsed into a coma and died without revealing the truth to Cole.

    Dee replied

    OMG you are right!! Thanks for that!

  10. MK says:

    I think she is Lying about JFP. This is just one way to limit the future of MTS. Jill hates actors older than her. Now Kay may have Alzheimers as well. This may be hard to take at once.


    k/kay replied

    MK she wants to save her job no one tells you how they really feet if they did they would all be out the door you do what you have to do to keep employed. And I can’t fault anyone for that. Last time they let MTS go for a while she told lies about it she was never fired her contract limited episodes ran out. Simple she came back with a different contract and the same old snotty character.


  11. Iakovos says:

    This is a good storyline idea and I hope it is done well. I am glad for plots not bearing on sex and hazy cporporateintrigue. Thank you, JFP and Josh G!


  12. LynandZoe says:

    Hope writers surprise us and this is well written. Have not seen this so far with new regime; everything is a pathethic play off of an already done s/l. Y&R needs depth not just ‘shock & awe’.


  13. Llanviewer717 says:

    From what I hear, do not trust JFP for a second.


  14. Angie RT says:

    Giving Nikki MS is a serious commitment on the writers’ part because as Nikki said, there is no cure and once you are diagnosed with it, you’ve got it for life. What path it will take for her will be interesting to watch. There are so many different types and although she mentioned only 2 to Jack, within the various types there are many paths it can take. The only definite about MS is its unpredictability! It can change from one day to the next which will allow the writers some leeway in how they write Nikki’s actions and symptoms…ups and downs, but that is how the soaps are anyway!!
    I imagine she only told Jack about 2 types because listing all the different types to someone who has only just heard you have the disease can be overwhelming and too much information to take in, so she was just easing him in. A lot of people have heard of MS or may know someone with it, but do not know all the details about it so condensing the information for a neophyte is usually the best way to go. I found when people want to know more, they will ask and that’s probably what the Y&R writers have in mind.
    I just hope viewers don’t get crazy crticizing the writing for not being what they feel is accurate. Good luck, writers! As a fellow PWMS (person with MS) I will be watching and will maybe learn something new myself. :)


  15. Robert in Jersey City says:

    I think it’s great she called her character a mess! Because, let’s face it, Nikki and Melody are at their Y&R best drunk and telling off an AA meeting.


    Patrick replied

    Camp Classic
    Bear Salute
    Queen for a Day.
    Annuls of Legendary Status.
    Take Notes…LOL.

    She’s a Hoot.
    She’s tramped her way to the Top.
    Wonder Woman


    Robert in Jersey City replied



    Patrick replied

    don’t mind me…

    Hollywod isn’t what it once was… the hollywood contract…. you were paid that weekly salary because you belonged….

    and.. if lucky… loaned out to other studios… for…. another star….

    then.. corporations got involved….

    the writing isn’t like we know it.

  16. Helen Solinski says:

    I think this is great for all of us living with MS and all neurological diseases for which there is no effective treatments or cures. MS is a chronic disease and waking up every day with an illness can make life extremely challenging even if you progress slowly. Kuddos to the writers for picking a complex disease affecting over 2 million world wide. I work for a research nonprofit developing a “repair” for MS (Myelin Repair Foundation) this awareness will help expedite new discoveries to patients!


  17. lisa says:

    I think it’s great !!
    I have people close to me that have/had MS.
    A young woman I work with who was diagnosed 4 years ago at age 26 and my aunt who passed 26 years ago had the disease.
    I think this will be a very interesting story.


    PAT MAYFIELD replied



  18. jerbear says:

    anyone know the name of the music she was playing on the piano?


  19. Terri Parsons says:

    I LOVE the idea of having Multiple Sclerosis information on my fav show. My mother has been dealing with her MS for almost 20 yrs and I was diagnosed in 2001. It’s a very hard illness for others to understand and I love the idea of Y&R fans getting to know more about it. It kind of makes me feel good to see someone else dealing with the things my mom and I deal with every day of our lives!!! And Y&R has been the one show that my mom and I have watched ever since it started!!!!


  20. k/kay says:

    My only question is she going to have treatments at Adam’s cottage, Sharon’s house, restaurants or maybe the back end of a pick-up truck? Since this is how we diagnosed Sharon with bi-polar and treated her. Just another plot point that came out of thin air oh geeze Nikki playing the piano her hands shaking two weeks later we have MS.


  21. Deloris Gosser says:

    I have MS also ,was diagnosed in 1992 . In 1996,I was diagnosed with Chronic Progressive MS which is a down hill course without remissions.I begame worse in 2010 and in March of year was placed in a nursing home. I am happy Y&R chose this storyline for Nikki and hope people watching who have no idea what the disease is all about or simply donot have enough knowledge about what people living with the disease experiance.Nikki is the right person to play this role,she will do it justice!


  22. Dawn Jaques says:

    I was amazed that MS is going to be portrayed by Melody in the roll of Nikki. I too was diagnosed with MS Sept 11,2012 and I am same age as Melody is in real life….so this I am finding interesting. I am still in the stage of so many things and like Nikki did not know how to handle it but I think with my positive attitude and family support that I am lucky. I will be watching to see how Nikki progresses as I have changed so much in last six months. I feel like there is an alien invading my body!! Put that on your show as it is real life feelings!! Thanks for using MS to come across to people that look at you and say horrible things like have you been drinking??? Not! It is just my body being invaded I say!


  23. Adam says:

    Its is a television show, guys. Enjoy it, dont internalize it.


  24. martha says:

    I have a relative and a friend who has MS. The friend just died after 20+ years with MS. And my cousin has had it for +30 years and strong and kicking! She has had up and downs and I admire the hell out of her! She is one of my heros! I am so glad this is being recognized on a story line. Thank you YR!


  25. Joyce Walters says:

    The MS is so improbable! It normally starts when people r in their 20s. I have had a number of acquaintances with MS. One of my classmates is in her 60s as is Nikki and it started in her 20s. It’s so unrealistic for Nikki! Cancer would have been more real! But it’s not so pretty to watch. This way Nikki can lose all her muscular abilities gradually, end up end a wheelchair, much more drama.


    Joyce Walters replied

    Nothing against promoting the cause of MS. It’s a terrible disease and if those who have MS approve of this portrayal by Nikki, then I apologize.


  26. ClickChick says:

    I suffer from disease quite similar to MS along w other disabilities, and also suffered a broken neck and brain injury several years ago. Watching the way Y&R is dealing with this is hitting very close to home for me. Their presentation of how symptoms “creep” into your daily life is right on. Melody is doing a stellar job in her portraying the brave front most put on despite the terror they live with every moment. Sufferers are trying to preserve their way of life, protect their loved ones from worry, and it’s also a defense mechanism. I applaud the writers and producers and especially Melody Thomas Scott. I hope they continue this story long term and show how people live their lives for decades managing, dealing with chronic diseases and the challenges they present. I think as it should be dealt with more on TV because it’s a major issue in a very large portion of our society and it’s time TV reflects that fact.


  27. Anita Folen says:

    Hi, I am 55 years old and have MS. I’ve been watching Y&R since it first aired! I loved it! The story lines, the characters, the sets. It’s always amazing that I can go for weeks, months, and tune in and there they are!! The characters that have been on the show since the beginning! WOW!
    Anyway, I was diagnosed with MS in 2011. About two weeks ago I turned on the TV, flipped the channels and stopeed at Y&R and my mouth dropped when I heard Jack Abbot tell Vistor Newman about Nikki’s MS. I think I cried.
    With all the topics that the writers and characters have portrayed, and have been so true to the experiences, I’m excited to watch the story of Nikki with MS.


  28. gail van wort says:

    I have watches the yand r since day one and the idea of ms story line is the best. she is been a very great actress always . I hope what i have read is NOT true that she is leaving the show, I hope that this is not true . where is the loyalty to all the people that has been on the show for years I hope this is not true she is leaving


  29. shelly says:

    Wow, Jules, just stop.

    I heard about a month or so ago that MTS was leaving Y&R, but have not read or heard anything else about it since. Anyone know for sure?


  30. Lavon says:

    I have M.S. and I think you do need to be careful on how you go forward. Trust me, my biggest worry is not if I will be able to play piano or travel around the world with my husband. I worry about being able to get up in the morning to go to work or clean, or cook, or even to be able to see or feel my hands/feet. These among my many worries. I also have a wonderful doctor. However, he doesn’t come to my home when my hands go numb or whatever may be wrong that day. I’m not sure you are doing the disease any service. It almost appears as if you are making a mockery of it. Please be careful. This is a very serious disease and it does need serious attention to it. Nicki does not represent the every day person living with M.S. Please, be careful.
    Thank you for the opportunity to share my thoughts. Please take them seriously.
    Sincerely, Lavon


    Shelley replied

    You are so right because with all of their money she should continously be getting the best treatments that would help with her MS.


  31. Betsy says:

    I just wish they would recast the part of her, I think her acting skills are lacking. I get completely annoyed by Nicki the actress just comes off sooooo fake and forced. This is of course just my opinion but I fast forward through all her scenes, and yes I have watched this show for many many years.


  32. Shelley says:

    I too suffer from Multiple Sclerosis sine the year of 1990 and yes I have been sick especially in 1997, but I must say that the way the story has Nikki playing the part of a patient with MS sometime seems ubelievalbe because to me if she gets sick every time things go wrong she should just stay in a bed all of the time and what about her drinking problem do the writers understand that this behavior would exacerbate her MS terribly or did they forget that one? It is great to bring attention to a disease that has no cure, but they should have showcased it with a deeper passion.


    Victoria L. Vitale replied

    She shouldn’t stay in bed she have to do what she wants to do. I force myself to get up and go to the stores etc mom was in the wheelchair for 58 years I am not ready to be stuck in the wheelchair like mom.. I am going to do what I want to do until my legs collapse and I can’t get up.. I am very stubborn…


  33. Victoria L. Vitale says:

    When Nikki found out she have multiple sclerosis that is when I found out I have it too. This March will be 2 years. I am not taking the medicine.. I am surprise Nikki don’t have vertigo, upset stomach etc that I have it is hell.. It is affecting my eye sight too and my legs etc.. She should stop drinking she need help…


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