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6 August 5th, 2012 THIS WEEK: The Season Finale of DALLAS – What Will Happen?


This coming Wednesday, August 8th, TNT’s DALLAS wraps up its first season on at 9 p.m. ET/PT, with a dramatic finale!  What will happen to set up the cliffhangers that will lead into season two?  Here is what we know thus far!

In an episode titled “Revelations,” family bonds bring the Ewings together as a loved one faces a medical crisis. Christopher and Elena begin to learn that not everyone is who they appear to be, including the people closest to them. Long buried secrets are revealed as the past rears its ugly head.

After the jump watch a sneak peek promo for the season finale!  Then let us know, what you are looking forward to seeing the most as the highly rated cable series reboot signs-off for awhile!

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  1. jp says:

    I can’t believe it’s the season finale already. Dallas has been firing on all cylinders. I can’t believe I have to wait til next year to find out what happens. Why can’t TNT make the season longer?


    Dan replied

    They probably only made 10 episodes because they weren’t sure if it was gonna be a success or not. Season 2 is slated for 15 episodes.

    I thought the show started off great, got a little slow in the middle episodes, but this past week’s show was awesome. Patrick Duffy should get an Emmy nomination next year for his performance in that episode. Looking forward to the finale!


    brian replied

    I can deal with the short season, just so happy it has been a huge success. Hopefully ABC is watching and considers the same format for One Life To Live. Maybe Hoover Vcuums would advertise again.


  2. Iakovos says:

    DALLAS is the summer’s best surprise. I am stoked for the finale but wow… 10 episodes fly by quickly.


  3. William says:

    I would like for season two to bring about the return of Gary and Val along with more Lucy and a return to the triple stills format of the opening titles. Aside from that I don’t think they can go wrong this show is totally on point perfect!


  4. Barbara from Atlanta says:

    Anyone else think that Ann’s first husband shows a lot of potential to be evil? Of all the new characters on the show, he is the one that actually might be able to carry this show. Based on what we have seen so far, it might be wise to really beef up his part next season and show less of the bland Elena.


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