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32 February 7th, 2012 Robin Mattson returning to GH to reprise her role as the evil Heather Webber!


General Hospital is certainly continuing to bring back some of the heavy hitters of yesteryear to try to restore the show to some of its former glory! Today exclusively announced by Soap Opera Digest was the news that soap veteran Robin Mattson is on her way back to reprise her role as Heather Webber!

Mattson played Heather from 1980-1982,  and from the reports we are hearing she will be back on screen sometime in late March or early April.  Robin’s Heather was very evil and certifiably crazy back in the 80′s! And, the character returned to Port Charles in 2004 under the guise of wanting to reconnect with her family… but she really wanted to marry  Edward Quartermaine and get his fortune! Heather’s been locked up at Ferncliff since then!

According to SOD, “Look for Heather’s arrival to impact Steven played by Scott Reeves. After all, she’s his mom who sold him on the black market as a baby.”

So what do you think brings Heather back to Port Chuck? Let us know!

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  1. KaShi says:

    I think the ABC plans to cancel GH bring her back. This is really a bad sign that they are bringing so many back. People are worrying if they bring too many OLTL stars on that GH stars won’t have anything to do. What about all these stars from the past coming back? Same difference. I would love to see lots of OLTL stars on GH but I understand the problem of not enough work for everyone. This is really getting more and more scary as they bring in more stars from the past. Do they think we’re stupid and it’s not handwriting on the wall? Should we trust them and think it’s to boost ratings? What has aBC /Disney done to earn our trust. zip, zilch, nada.


  2. Christy says:

    not so crazy for crazy heather — I’d so much rather see Richard Dean Anderson (Jeff Weber) come back! I don’t think they could get him, but I’d love to see him again! Guess I’ll have to do with 10+ years of StarGate DVDs I have instead!


  3. Heather says:

    Remember her too as Janet Green on All My Children. But General Hospital is what made her famous.

    BTW, I thought that FV/RC mission was to decrease the cast of GH, not to make it bigger. But then again, with AMC and OLTL gone, GH probably has the liberty to slightly increase its cast. Wish they would get rid of the mobs and other useless characters currently on GH though.


  4. Brian says:

    AMC & OLTL didn’t start bringing back people until they knew they were canceled. GH is just trying to give great stories again (finally) to increase ratings. I’m happy Heather Webber is coming back and I really hope Richard Dean Anderson comes back too at least for a few episodes.


    lipstickcat replied

    That’s right! GH is being cancelled too to make room for Katie Couric! They just haven’t announced it yet because of the backlash! I wish viewers weren’t so trusting & stupid to believe ABC anymore! I certainly don’t!


    cococraze24 replied

    OMG! I agree completely! I hate ABC or the TPTB for cancelling #AMC & #OLTL an including the poor treatment of their vet cast over the last 10 years! in terms of firing, killing off, etc…

    Heather replied

    I disagree. AMC and OLTL broughout back people AFTER they were cancelled. GH is bringing back people but they haven’t been cancelled. Days also brought back veterans but they havn’t been cancelled.

    And if GH is cancelled, it won’t be to make room for Katie Couric. Katie Couric’s stupid talk show will be a syndicated show, while GH is a network show. A syndicated show, by definition, cannot replace a network show.

    And unless you work for ABC, I don’t think that anyone here is in a position to declare that GH will get cancelled. I’m strongly getting the feeling that those who are repeatly speculating about the death of GH are most likely jealous OLTL fans who still can’t get over that GH was chosen over their show. After all, how many times have we heard the “GH should have been cancelled instead of OLTL” sentence over the past couple of months?


    Gloria replied

    Heather, you are definitely a good cheerleader for GH & you are right to be positive in your comments. We don’t want to lose another soap! But, someone please tell me how to fall back in love with GH! I try, every single day, to love this show again & it is not happening!

    I do not like the Steven/girl from Memphis story, the Ethan (who I love but is leaving?)/girl at Windemere/Helena skulking around story-ugh, do not care about Sean & that kid/Molly story-do not care for the new Kate, at a glance she & the new Maxie look too much alike-don’t care for Maxie/Spinelli.

    At least Alexis is getting a bit of airtime, even though it is for MENOPAUSE of all things!

    I don’t like Anthony & Johnny. Forgive me, I just don’t. I also don’t like what has been done to Michael over the years & I don’t like what they’ve done to Luke either.

    The show has been so dark for so long. I know the guys from OLTL have taken over & may have some good things in store so I am hanging on but my goodness, anyone at all who watched OLTL-say for the last 18 mos. & compares it to GH . . .there IS no comparison. Not to say OLTL was great every year. I quit watching it in 1991, actually quit all of ABC & switched to CBS for 10 years! But I kept up with all the shows thru Soap Digest & in 2001 started watching ABC again.

    I am not sure bringing back characters from 25 years ago or even bringing in the OLTL people will help the show. I do think it needs a complete overhaul, to lighten up & to get back to families/the hospital/ELQ/just good drama with some laughs thrown in for balance.

    We all know soaps ebb & flow-sometimes different ones are better than others-some days I can’t wait for Y&R, sometimes it’s Days or B&B, just depending on what’s happening, but I don’t remember the last time I was excited to see GH.

    Hope that will change soon.

  5. Brian Greene says:

    Yay, Robin, Yay! :D


  6. barbara t says:

    good grief ,am I asleep when these new storys come up?I knew robin mattson was going to be coming back to gh,this is good news always liked her ,even when she played janet from another planet ,but didnt get to say goodbye to all my children,even though I like the other one to.anyway looks like ron and frank have been busy.general hospital is going for very big changes,for the good.I still am hoping that general hospital isnt heading to the soap opera graveyard,because of all the characters from the past that are showing up,there are alot of people coming back,and I hope it is to save general hospital,not to say goodbye.Im beginning to hate that word.


  7. Susan says:

    Crazy Heather is coming back I hope to cause chaos in Steve’s life. Robin Mattson and Scott Reeves should get a good storyline out of this. Awesome.


  8. cathy trinque says:

    I think ABC is ending GH. AMC and OLTL were ended the same way with all the characters coming back. ABC just wants to keep the soap fans in the dark.


  9. auotb says:

    at least they are bringing back people with history & not new mob guys! I like the idea of Carly and Kate going head to head now they need to cut the cast of people we dont care about Ronnie, Sean , Anthony etc


  10. Iakovos says:

    I loved GH when Heather was on the canvas, with her mother Alice Grant, her cousin Susan Moore, her machinations with the Taylors, and the triangle that led to the murder of good-two-shows nurse Anne. I would love to see a plot that has her somewhat contrite and wanting to make good. I loved seeing Mattson play the vulnerable side of Janet Green when she was on AMC in the 1990s.

    As I have said before in posts, I am hoping the revival of characters past is a bridge to taking GH to a new place and give it a strong renewal in story and spirit. They need not stay for the long term, but use of them in compelling stories really would do wonders for rebuilding cohesion among the current Port Charles community.


    Aura replied

    Correction: The murder you talk about above in late 70′s / early 80′s GH was of nurse Diana Taylor, not Anne Logan. The confusing part is that Mrs. Grant shot and killed Diana (supposedly to protect Heather, who was actually stalking Diana)… then as Diana’s body was lying on the kitchen floor, Heather spelled out “Anne” in Diana’s blood, making everyone think that Anne had killed Diana.

    Perfectly reasonable plotline, right? :-/


    randy a replied

    The whole world may have been watching luke and laura, but I was tuning in every day to see my favorite Heather Webber storyline. Diana Taylor death was on the same day as President Reagan’s attempted assasination. And her storyline with Sara Abbott at Forrest Hills and the gun in the dolls head were all so captivating. This was a huge overall success along with the luke and laura escapades. And does anybody remember Sean Donnely? Great Great Stuff.

  11. angela says:

    I disagree. AMC & OLTL did not start to bring back the old characters until AFTER the cancellation was announced. I too was feeling that GH’s days were numbered. Now I am not so sure. Frank & Ron have tremendous pressure to save this show. The damage that was done the past couple of years needs to be reapired as quickly as possible. These guys are well aware of all that and came in last month and hit the ground running! They know what they are up against and they know what needs to be done. They want to bring in some people from OLTL that’s great. All you soap fans should welcome them with open minds, If you truly are a fan you will give it all a chance. The ratings are tanking on GH and truthfully I think that is because so many have given up hope. The Revoltion’s rating suck (thank God) and that is not helping GH either. I don’t know about otjher parts of the country but that the lead in for GH here in NY. Look there is no team better than Frank & Ron, so I say don’t give up hope and support them and our soap!


  12. david says:

    Heather is Steven’s mother? How old was she when he was born? The age difference between Mattson and Reeves is only 10 years. This is going to look weird.


    barbara t replied

    keep in mind its a soap opera ,people ,I mean children, can grow up ,look at michael he was shot in the head as a kid ,and when he woke up he was alot older,sometimes the kid goes in another room then comes back older,or never to be seen again.really there is a 10 year age difference ? It will be interesting to see the two together.Im just glad that robin mattson will be showing up in port charles.I just found out that they canceled house ,I cant believe my luck with shows that I really like,all my children ,one life to live ,brothers and sisters and now house .these past few months have been bad.I hope there will be no more cancellations of programs that I really like.Im wondering if I should just stop watching t v.


    gloria replied

    Funny you mentioned Brothers & Sisters. Would you believe I had never seen an episode till a couple of weeks ago? SoapNet started with the very first show & is running them in order, late on Saturday nights-4 shows in a row, I think & the 2009-2010 shows run 4-6 p.m. central weekdays on SoapNet so I have been recording all of this & have fallen in love! This is a fantastic show! It is helping ease my OLTL pain a little. I do find B&S very well written, family drama with humor mixed in. A very clever show. So sorry it was cancelled. I am with you Barbara, every time we fall for something, whether a tv show, a shade of lipstick or a kind of salad dressing, just hold on, it will disappear on you!

    david replied

    Yes, Barbara, characters do grow up, but usually not so fast that a “parent” is only ten years older (Mattson was born in 1956 and Reeves in 1966), but I will suspend disbelief. I agree it will be interesting to see them. Will they look like mother and son or what? Heather was always a fun character so having Mattson back should be good.

    It seems risky to like anything on television that isn’t cheap, reality trash, which is one the reasons I will not get sucked into viewing ABC’s Revenge, but primetime series usually have limited runs anyway. Revenge is safe for the short term because it’s doing well and should be renewed, but I refuse to support anything on ABC after the senseless killing of OLTL for The (repulsively revolting) Revolution.

    gloria replied

    Well, look at Olivia & Dante! This in particular, drives me nuts. He looks WAY too old to be her son or does she look too young? Whichever, scenes with the two of them together are tough to take. He looks every bit as old as Johnny or Steven, Olivia’s lovers. I don’t know how old Reeves really is but Mattson is definitely mid-50′s so it could work, although Reeves looks kind of old now that I think about it, oh well.


    barbara t replied

    brothers and sisters was a favorite of mine, its really a shame,that abc killed that to, the writing was good and you were in love with this whole family,something that abc is having a hard time dealing with, having descent family programing ,it use to be on a 10 on sundays ,kind of late for me but I made it though and never missed a show,so that was another show abc canceled that I really think was a mistake.the family dinners where entertaining ,funny,reminds me of my own family ,dinner was fun time for the family to discuss and brothers and sister had alot of good meals.some how you have to find a way to see every season,its worth it.

    gloria replied

    The funniest is Nick & Jackie on B&B. In real life Nick is about 51 & Jackie is 58 & they play mother & son. Talk about having to just let it slide by-I just can’t think about it. And Ridge is supposed to be young enough to be Eric’s son??? Riiiight! Soaps, only a real soap fan would ever understand! Ha.

    P.S. I miss OLTL like crazy


    barbara t replied

    I agree in everything you have said ,it will be interesting to see it ,then we can believe it.the last time heather was in port charles ,I dont remember steven being there.she was trying to steal the quartermains money from poor edward.then again who doesnt try to steal his least it gives him airtime which I hope we get to see more of him,along with the rest of the family ,and maybe alan aj and emily could all be on a vacation somewhere ,the killing of those 3 characters never made any since to me ,Its like they tried to wipe out the whole family,but what I am looking forward to seeing is the manning family,I miss one life to live to,afternoons are not the same.


    1loveabcsoaps replied

    I posted below you!

  13. 1loveabcsoaps says:

    Hurray, I loved Heather…. she was the “love to hate” type. I actually liked her much on AMC as Janet from another planet. But when they killed off Kate Collins as Natalie, I think the BEST decision for Kate’s career was when she kept a ‘ foot in the door ‘, and came BACK to play Janet, on and off during the year’s. Boy she played the Hell out of it. I would have liked to see Kate Collins and Robin Mattison play off each other with Kate as Natalie and Robin as Janet. That would of been some GREAT stuff. BC Janet was played so simular by both Kate and Robin, both superb. But Kate knocked it out the park, especially bc Janet was so different than Natalie. C’mom home Robin, for a while on GH. Welcome Home.


  14. Howard says:

    I am so EXCITED Robin Mattson is returning to GH !! Just what the show needs.
    Strong in character and roots in P.C. – longtime character and recent fans will remember her.
    The entire involvment w/ Laura was poor writing for the character, they had a chance to strongly interact with Mother and Son and barely scratched the surface-so kudos to the new head honchos to resserect this story. Love to see her interact with Scott Baldwin, and maybe be cured of the craziness. Her arrival is a sign that Genie Francis isnt too far behind. GH in my opinion wont be canceled just yet, it needs to get to 50 years. So far my wishlist is coming true of formers returning, but I would love to see Genie return, Jackie Zeman, Chris Robinson, Kin Shriner, Stuart Damon, Richard Dean Anderson, Susan Pratt, Rachel Ames, Peter Hanson all come back.


    jason replied

    I’d like to see them resurrect Susan Moore (Jason’s mom). I think that would be an awesome back-from-the dead story since Susan was kind of a villain. Maybe bring Aunt Alice Grant back from the dead too and make thier disappearances all about Jason’s Quatermaine money.


  15. Kimbella says:

    I just hope Jason and Frankie are not brothers but are related some how cause Jason and San deserves to be happy and have a baby and plz don’t put him with Liz


  16. blackkats4 says:

    Was a given that Jason and Franco be brothers…. just firmed that up with the dvd. DUH.

    Amazing to find out Janet and Heather were the same just different times.

    With people coming back… PALLLLLLEEEEEEEEEEES. everytime a sopie leaves one soap you see them on another… I think they had to make some room for the AMC and OLTL folkes to continue on working… and since janet/heather had been on GH in the 80′s what better time to bring her back since the story in the 80 coinsides with what is happening now.

    Ya all watch but do ya all really “pay attention” so easy to predict what is coming when you pay attention.


  17. Randal Upton says:

    She was the evil, psycho woman.


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