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1 May 17th, 2013 MORE All My Children with Guests, Rob Scott Wilson and Julia Barr!


On today’s episode of MORE All My Children, host Leslie Miller speaks to Pine Valley newbie, Rob Scott Wilson who plays “hottie” Pete Corlandt and legendary star, Julia Barr, who as Brooke English is most likely going to have her hands full when JR Chandler comes home and tries to usurp her from Chandler Enterprises!

During the chat featuring Rob and Julia, we learn if Rob was more comfortable doing his scenes, shirt on or shirt off? Then, a fan asks Julia how would she like to see Brooke’s upcoming nuptials go down this time as opposed to the previous times she said her “I do’s?”  Later, Sal Stowers talks about the challenges playing in the harrowing sex-trafficking storyline as Cassandra.  Denyse Tontz and Jordan Lane Price talk about playing the new younger gals on the show as well.

Watch today’s episode of MORE All My Children after the jump, and let us know what you thought of it? And if you are enjoying Rob Scott Wilson as Pete Cortlandt?

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  1. Johnny says:

    “MORE” All My Children?
    Shouldn’t they currently call it “LESS” All My Children?
    The show is moving along nicely storyline wise but they really need Tad Martin
    to hold the town together. I’ve already said I’m not crazy about these “More”
    shows – whatever –
    love Julia Barr she is a really fine actress – as far as Rob as Petey, well he’s
    all right, not exactly up there with Robert DiNero but I’m sure he’ll improve.


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