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22 June 19th, 2013 Michael Graziadei Returning to The Young and the Restless for Guest Stint!

Photo Credit: Kathy Hutchins

Fan favorite, Michael Graziadei (Daniel) is returning for a short stint on The Young and the Restless and will be appearing on the series this summer!

According to a exclusive post from CBS Soaps In Depth, “Graziadei will be appearing in four episodes, the first of which airs on Tuesday, July 30.”   Could it be that Daniel’s appearance in Genoa City has anything to do with the departing Michelle Stafford who plays Grazadei’s on-screen mom, Phyllis?

Michael Graziadei had decided late last year to exit Y&R after eight and a half years with the series, and was last seen on the January 2nd episode of the CBS soap.  Graziadei was then cast in an ABC pilot originally titled Venice,  but the series was not picked up by the network for the new fall line-up!

So would you like to see Michael back on Y&R full-time or on a recurring basis? Do you think he is filming scenes surrounding the upcoming exit of Phyllis on the Genoa City canvas?  Let us know your thoughts!

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  1. Daisy Day says:

    Bring him back!


    RUBY C. replied

    I would love him to come back and also Daisy . I loved Daisy and Daniel they really were making Phyllis nuts and Daisy knew how to give it to her good! The show needs real drama not the garbage that has been going on these days with that Carmine Lauren stuff and who cares about Chelsea and her spawn. Let summer have sex with her brother to make everyone go crazy and Nick gets blamed. The show isn’t the show I used to love see take chances.It’s all boring baby junk and Rose? Who cares unless its Drucilla. Still sad they will not let back one of my favorites back Victoria Rowell. Sharon is my top character I love and really what are they doing with Adam I don’t think anyone likes that character now. I want him with Sharon. nick has nothing to say since he kidnapped Summer from Jack for 18 years. :)


  2. Iakovos says:

    As much as I like the actor, without Phyllis, Daniel really has no strong connection, cetrainyl not to his Aunt Avery. I would like Phyllis to find happiness as she exits (hopefully not forever) and having her depart with her son, as he was when she arrived in Genoa City, well then… that would be good.

    I am glad for the connective tissue. Still, I am sad Miss Stafford is leaving the show.


  3. VickiS says:

    I really want Michael G. Back on Y & R – I’m really missing the long time veterans!


    Sandy replied

    I too miss the veterans of daytime soaps; that’s why we fell in love with Y&R. I like the way Daniel had a “quiet” nature around him but still could produce rivoting moments. Looking forward to seeing you back.


  4. k/kay says:

    I think he is back for MS’s departure which makes me wonder if they are killing her off?


    ethel replied

    don’t think they will kill phyllis off – i think they will leave it so she can return later on if she wants to……………jmo


  5. madluv4ya says:

    No. His character brings nothing of interest for me to the table.


  6. PatF says:

    He’s not needed.

    I won’t mind seeing him once and while, but nothing had really been done with him lately (or before he left) that was really good soap.

    Come back to GC and take your Mom back to you with your daughter in Savannah.

    That way the door will be open for Phyllis to come back.


  7. Mo says:

    If Phyllis isn’t in town, he’s not really needed, unless to keep an eye on Summer.

    Can’t believe Michelle is leaving now with this big story going on.


  8. Charlene Lamartina says:

    Bring him back full time


  9. ethel says:

    bring him back with his daughter – there are plenty of s/l’s that can be written for a single dad………………….


  10. Domino says:

    “Could it be that Daniel’s appearance in Genoa City has anything to do with the departing Michelle Stafford who plays Grazadei’s on-screen mom, Phyllis?”

    That sounds like a rhetorical question. :-)


  11. Lisa M says:

    Well Michael did not have any storyline, but it does make me curious as to why he is returning for a short stint. Is it in connection with Michelle S. departure. I hope Y&R does not kill Phyllis off or could it be Nick and Phyllis told Jack about Summer. Jack needs to know and Phyllis has taken this too calmly. It is wrong. What are they waiting on until Summer and Kyle sleep together. I would hope Y&R does not let the storyline go there. This will affect the lives of many. I have always thought this storyline would come back around. Please do the right thing and tell Jack and suffer the consequences.


  12. Jack Van says:

    He’s coming back for a guest shot for one of two reasons, he’s taking Phyllis and Summer back with he, ending that stupid storyline and leaving the character of Phyllis an opening to return in some capacity, or he’s coming back to bury his mom, ending the Phyllis character.


  13. Mark Y says:

    He’s an excellent young actor, one of the best, and there’s always a place for talent. I have not doubt in my mind that Phyllis will return.


  14. Alicia Gritz says:

    YES! I believe Michael Graziadei return has everything to do with Michelle Staffords departure asPhyllis. Regardless… I’ll enjoy seeing him again and HOPE to see BOTH of them on Y&R again. Leave the door open for Michelle to return as “Phyllis, PLEASE!
    And give “Daniel” a reason to STAY in Genoa City….


  15. Joshua says:

    Daniel was seriously my #1 LEAST FAVORITE character in the 33 years I have been watching this show.

    #2 was AMBER. Let me guess? She is coming back, too? Ugh!


  16. Chaz says:

    He probably is coming back to be part of Phyllis’s exit. Which means, at least for now, she is not being recast. Although I love Michelle Stafford, it seems odd that Phyllis would depart on the heels of the reveal of Summer’s true father. It would seem Summer would need her mother’s support, not her running off. Unless they have Summer leave for a while as well and then return for the start of college.

    I like Graziadei and would like him to be on recurring while they find story for the character. The last months of his tenure they seemed to waste the character.


  17. Gia says:

    I Totally agree with Chaz regarding the waste of Mr. Graziadei’s character!

    I would love to see him come back, but please give him a decent storyline!


  18. Adele says:

    I think that phyllis should come out of the coma so that she may tell nick, jack and summer what really happend with the test results. Summer is still in love with kyle and they should know the truth. I really like Phyllis. I hope she does not exit the show, if she does I hope she comes back. Yes and Daniel should definately come back and I agree with some of the posts he should get a good storyline. So Please writers put your heads together and come up with a good storyline. Y and R is my favorit soap this is the only soap I watch. Love all the actors and actresses. I miss Jeannie Cooper (very gracious actress may she RIP.


  19. linda johnaon says:

    Bring Daniel back need some of the nostalgia it used to have. Losing Michelle is not a good thing . It’s bad enough we lost the real Billy, but the new old one is so much alike.Just keep this soap going!


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