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49 March 12th, 2013 Kristian Alfonso On Her 30 Years at DAYS and Flying Solo As Hope Brady!

Photo Credit: Kathy Hutchins

There are many anniversaries over the next month to celebrate on your favorite soaps and one of them is with one of daytime’s all-time leading ladies, Kristian Alfonso (Hope Williams Brady) at Days of our Lives.

Alfonso will celebrate 30 years in Salem on April 14th and to kick things off, Kristian spoke to TV Guide Magazine’s Michael Logan on how it is flying solo these days without Hope’s other half, Bo played for decades by Peter Reckell (who opted to leave the show last year).  Here are a few interesting excerpts from the interview with Kristian below!

Kristian on Hope being Bo-less and what it means for future story:  “Pete is missed but what is there to do? It was his choice to leave. I hear he’s extremely happy. I’ve heard there’s a solo story coming for me. It would be great to see Hope trying to move on and what a struggle that would be for her. I’d like to see her build a relationship with another strong guy, whether it’s on the job or maybe she meets someone through being a single mom. I’ve had so many stories without Pete. Princess Gina was almost a year without him. And he had many without me. But what people remember most is the two of us together. We were given a golden opportunity.”

Kristian on if she is ever worried about getting the ax as her cast mates, Deidre Hall and Drake Hogestyn have had happen at one point in their DAYS careers:  “Of course, because you hear so many rumors in the NBC hallways. Those walls pulsate! Losing Deidre and Drake Hogestyn for a while there was shocking. We all know nothing is forever so, when I get that call asking me to stay another year, it still takes my breath away. Because I do worry and my mind goes a little bit crazy. They’re making changes! Do they no longer love the character? Am I on the chopping block? But that’s okay. When you take things for granted you settle, and I don’t ever want to be that person. There’s always someone younger, prettier and taller who could probably do the job better. That’s why, 30 years later, I still come to work with pride, still ready to earn every cent.”

So soap fans, who should play a new love interest for Hope?  What story would you like to see Kristian given in honor of her 30 years on the longest running scripted series in NBC history? Weigh-in!

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  1. Aria says:

    She’s one of the all time great beauties of daytime.


  2. Cindy says:

    Well, technically, isn’t she still married to John??? I don’t remember that ever being resolved, or, any remarriage or new vows between Bope, or between John/Marlena.


    mo replied

    Oh yeah, that’s right!


    Sam replied

    no. John & Hope’s divorce went through. It was mentioned in passing between Bo, Hope, John, & Marlena.


    Ces replied

    I think there was a little blurb somewhere that it went through. If you coughed you would have missed it.


    MK replied

    Never anything, they had to live in Almainia for a month before the divorce could happen, they left without resolving. I think the new writers just forgot, because it was such a Bad story. I thought Hope should be with Rafe (Pre-Kate) now I think Brady or Roman. Daniel too stupid for Hope. How about Justin and compete with adrienne?

    Patrick replied


    right on w/Justin and Adrienne…. those two would elevate KA… and it would be.. stand back… wait… watch… and erupt with Adrienne….

    these two could help Hope along.. without faultering with Hope… ie: like Daniel and Jenn….

    Mary SF replied

    Sorry Ces- this is for MK, — They already had Hope with Justin when Bo was with Carly. Justin had it bad for her, but she wasn’t really into him. Then she started taking those pills that cause her to have a second personality- and her alter was all hot for Justin and tried to kill Bo. I think after all that Justin wouldn’t go near Hope ever again. But Roman? When she first came on the show, the character had a huge crush on him- so it might be possible, but the writers would have to really write it well, since Roman is Bo’s half brother- it would take a lot to get these two characters to see each other in a different light. In the end Hope should be with Bo- I say recast.

    Dmitri replied

    They got divorced, but Bope and Jarlena never remarried. There is a rumor going around that Jarlena break up and Roman wins her back. I heard that they might fire Drake Hogestyn.


    Michelle replied

    Then they might as well put Hope with John instead of firing Drake… At least Drake and KA have chemistry and John and Hope have a sort-of past to work with. Roman? Ugh! The day Hope and Roman get together, is the day I stop watching! Days is on at dinner time in my country, so I’ll not be able to eat AND watch!

    I love Drake, so I’ll do ANYTHING to keep him on the show!

  3. Sam says:

    Who should play Hope’s new love interest? A new character. I can’t see Hope being paired with any of the men currently in Salem.

    What story should she be given? Learning that Bo is dead (though he might not ultimately be) and having to go through the grief process and figure out how to move forward, not only for herself, but for Ciara as well. Maybe Hope would want to get revenge on those she believes are responsible for Bo’s death. Maybe a gentleman stranger would enter her life and help her through the transition into the next phase of her life.


    Dmitri replied

    Maybe her and Roman? I hope to God it’s not Rafe. He’s too young for her.


    Patrick replied

    the ironic thing… is …. KA states… that hope has had story…. without BO…

    “Princess Gina was almost a year… w/o Bo”….

    what does that say? Bust….. they have her meddling at the police station… being aunt Hope to Nick…. and cousin to Jenn….


    Those walls pulsate! – behind the scenes drama unfolding.

    I do worry and my mind goes a little bit crazy – is she “Re-Signed”

    I still come to work with pride, still ready to earn every cent.”


    “…just saying” behind the scenes at DOOL…. ie: Peter Reckell and Crystal Chappelle…


    Maggie replied

    Does everything have to always come back to Kristian vs Crystal? Hasn’t enough time passed that we should all just stop talking about it? At this point, who cares what really did or did not happen.
    Kristian clearly still enjoys her job and is passionate about it. There’s no reason to try to read between lines that don’t exist, or think she’s making some sort of backhanded comment about anything that may or may not have happened in the past.

    Patrick replied


    you’d think Crystal Chappelle…. was burned at the stake…

    this is the first time KA has “interviewed”..

    merely wanted to point out… that… every one should be given their due…

    K replied

    I would love to see Hope and E.J. Together. I don’t know how it would work, but would be fun! I also like her with Brady. She is too pretty to be cast with the older guys. Hope still looks very young! She is gorgeous and I’ve always been a big Hope fan :)


  4. mo says:

    I don’t think it’s 30 years in Salem, more like 30 years since she first appeared on the soap. She left for a number of years and did other stuff. How many total years has she actually been with the show? Still, congrats. And they do need to do something about Bo. Bring him down from the attic or something!


    Abby replied

    She’s been on the show for the last 19 years straight. Out of the 30 years since she first started as Hope, she’s only been off the show for around 5, so it’s not like this celebration isn’t warranted, and the milestone isn’t worth mentioning.


    Mo replied

    I thought it was more than five. Totally think she should be applauded for it. It’s great and I’m glad she’s still on.

  5. jim says:

    I wouldve paired her with Rafe had they not hooked him up with Kate. I would like to see her son Shawn D return with Belle and have Hope in scenes with them. It would be nice to see the next generation of Bradys invovled in the story again. Maybe Hope dealing with the death of Bo and then having to deal with the return of Chelsea who will blame Hope for Bos death, then the stress will have Hope turn to alchol with Maggie, a former alcholic tries to help her kick her habit. Whatever the writers do i ‘hope’ they dont make her a less important character the way the 1980s writers did to Doug and Julie when Bo and older Hope were introduced. By the way Julie was Stephanos first obssession when he first showed up in Salem and that was dropped in favor of him wanting Marlena.


    jim replied

    Some mistakes with spelling but im certain readers know what i mean


    Ces replied

    I agree, I think she could have bonded with Rafe at the station while Bo was away, but they blew that. Basically, unless they recast Bo, there isn’t anyone on the show for her. It’s super shame because K.Alfonso is my absolute favorite and the reason I started watching Days in the first place back when she was introduced. Makes me mad that DAYS cannot figure out what to do with her character and yet we’re force fed Daniel & Chloe.


    jim replied

    Good actors like K.A. is hard to find, and i ‘HOPE’ DOOLs realize it and not let her roam around Salem in a DAYZ for long. I also like Nancy. Like Hope, shes a keeper.

    Ces replied

    They really need to treat K.Alfonso better and give her a storyline already.
    I like Patrika Darbo and actually wish Daniel & Chloe would end up together because I can”t stand Daniel & Jen together.

    Patrick replied

    I know… i’ve gouged my eyes out… muted Daniel and Jenn before my lbido takes leave and renders me deaf dumb and blind… stabbed myself multiple times with fervor…

    give DOOL standing ovations for no stimuli…

    reasonably? blinders for EJ and Sammi…. heck.. Kristen and Brady….

    watching Daniel and Jenn…. they must lead the golden circle troupe…

    Ces replied

    Haha Patrick! I can’t handle one more minute of Dr.Dumb and Jen. Why this couple is being force fed on this show is beyond me. They have zero chemistry and Dr. Dumb is oblivious to everything. Make it stop!

    Dmitri replied

    NO! Rafe is too young for Hope. They’re better as friends. If Rafe must be with a woman besides Sami or Carrie, it should be with Nicole.


    jim replied

    I would like too see Rafe with Nicole but that doesnt look like its going to happen at the moment. If Rafe isnt too young 4 Kate he isnt too young for Hope. But i really dont feel she needs a man right now. Id like to see a strong independent woman make it on her own for awile kinda like a Mary on Mary Tyler Moore show. Thanks 4 reply.

    Pam replied

    Rafe is in his forties and Hope is in her late forties, Hope has always been young she comes across as in her 30′s I am really tried of double standards!

  6. Mary SF says:

    Whatever they do they should do it soon because I would hate for Hope to end up like Roman Brady, who they only dust off when they need him to say a few lines now and then. I still think Hope could end up with Rafe- the whole Kate thing cannot be a long lasting love story. I still think Hope and John might of had a love child when they were Gina and the Pawn that could resurface now that Stefano is back. Any story will be better than none unless they have Hope fall in love with Daniel- if that happened I would throw a brick at my television set


    Patrick replied

    LOL… i’d throw a brick at my television set as well…

    it’s galling… appalling… to know…. why are the writers doing this again… more Daniel? smelling salts for both Daniel and Jennifer…. i couldn’t breath any life in to them at all…. so… it’s up to Nancy and Anne?

    oye! although, i did laugh when Jenn attacked Nancy for what she did to her brother Dr. Mike Horton… and it was learned all she’d done for Dr. Craig to become chief of staff…. that was laugh out loud…, in this respect… if the writers have Nancy on for the long haul…

    the funny thing… and/or hard part… is it seems impossible to even bother venting… as they film so far in advance… that… it’s not worth posting and venting… from a fan standpoint… we all have to wait 3-4 months for changes…

    i forgot to post below… that… IMO… of the two… Hope and Jenn… it’s Hope that still has that spark…. course, it may not even be Jenn’s fault… the writing and pairings? and they haven’t faultered with trying to pair Hope yet….


    it’s funny cause… Roman, that curse as well… I loved him more with Anna then Marlena… and this was a million years ago…
    so… i hope this doesn’t happen to Hope.


    Dmitri replied

    I don’t think “Rope” would be a good couple. I like them as friends, but Rafe was married to Hope’s half-nice (Sami) and was in a relationship with her other half-niece (Carrie). Not to mention how much older she is than him.


    Mary SF replied

    And how old is Kate? At least Hope still has a child who is a child, wherein Rafe is most likely in the same age range as Lucas and Austin-maybe a bit younger, so if he can be with woman who could be his mother, I don’t think Hope would be too old for him.

    But personally, I don’t feel Rope would be a good couple, I’m just saying unless Days brings in some new blood, Hope new romances if any, would be limited to men either younger than her or older- and out of that group, Rafe seems most likely, being cops together, sharing an office. I mean if the AC quits in the summer and Hope has to wear a tank top — that is all he needs to get his motor running right? It did it for him and Carrie anyway lol.

    Seriously, if they wanted to honor the show’s history Hope and Roman could become a couple, because when Hope first came on the show she had a big crush on him, before she knew Bo, but I don’t think they will. In the end I can’t imagine Hope with anyone but Bo- I would like a recast, if they find the right person, otherwise, she should be a single lady- lots of them out in the real world

    Dmitri replied

    Mary, I do not like Rafe’s romps with Kate either. She’s also too old for him.

    k/kay replied

    The actress who plays Kate just turned 60 on March 9th. The actor who plays Rafe is 42.

  7. Phil says:

    Just bite the bullet and recast Bo! Is John Lopeieno available or Robert Kelker Kelley????


    Kelly replied

    Ewwww! Not Robert Kelker-Kelly! Anyone but him!


    Dmitri replied

    Yeah, Robert doesn’t get along with many members of the cast, so I doubt he’ll be brought back.


    k/kay replied

    Robert Keller-Kelly has retired from acting I think he is a flight instructor somewhere in the Mid-West. The members of the cast were upset because he was dateing an actress on there who had just turned 18 they eventually married and are still married. I personally thought he was a good recast.

    Cheryl replied

    Yuck Robert Kelker Kelley the Pedophiler who waited for Miriam Parrish to turn 18 before he ” offiicially” dated her? Sorry way too creepy. He’s no superhero in my eyes!!

  8. Patrick says:

    Does any one… think… it’s impenetrable… that…. what’s befallen Jenn… is “happening” to Hope. ?

    it’s with anguish that i ponder…

    the curse of the super couple… and it’s not far off to believe…

    how could any one replace gold?

    No Jack and No Bo…


    the one thing that’s hard to swallow… is both Bo and Jack are available….
    TPTB thought that they’d hire good writers to move them along without?


    Mellissa Reeves…. has sapped the audience…. and… I’d rather blame Daniel… or, for, that matter… the Writers…. honestly… do they watch the daily’s… ? Chloe is being wasted…. her mother… is supposed to distract us… and/or Anne is in the mix to foible this supercouple…?

    i say this, in hopes of completing all thats good with days… for what it is… and simply say.. had it not been for this story…. DAYS would be on the up and up… surely, they realized that with the Daniel/Nicole story… the first time around… i’m anxiously awating Eric… ’nuff w/ him not knowing what’s going on w/Nicole… dragging this out… it’s time for this to start moving…us.

    I still hope that Peter Blake, RKK, and/or Shane Donovan… would return….

    I honestly think… this is the one time that the writers… TPTB should take notice of what fans like….


    P.S. i love Hope and Jenn… and i’m not averse to DOOL moving on… it just seems like the stigma and/or infamy of the supercouple mode is nonplussing… and or perplexing… I wouldn’t know what to do….


  9. Dmitri says:

    I hope they don’t put Rafe & Hope together. These cougar couples, like Krady and Rate, are just so disgusting! Plus, I’m sure that Safe will reunite sometime in the near-future. I think that the writers made a mistake by alienating Peter Reckell to the point where he quit. I enjoyed him on the soap, and don’t think anyone else could pull off Bo. His goodbye wasn’t properly executed either. They should’ve had him depart on that sailing trip around the world, maybe get something all the while on the DiMeras, return to put them behind bars, and have a nice wedding ceremony with Hope. The show now is crap, between Gabi’s storyline & Krady, between Dannifer and EJami (the airhogs of the show), everything is shoved down our throats and is incredibly boring. I just hope (pun intended) that Hope does something useful, instead of having talks with Jennifer at the coffeehouse about reuniting with Daniel.


  10. Michael Jenkins says:

    I am still pulling for a Rafe and Hope to end up together.


  11. jim says:

    I think now id like to see Shane Donavon return and fall in love with ex -sister- in- law Hope as they team together in search for the missing Bo and if Bo isnt killed off he could be just missing and presumed dead until if and when they decide to bring Bo(recast ?) back or not at all. I feel Shope would have wonderful chemistry together.


  12. Michelle says:

    I can’t see Hope with any of the men currently on the show, except for John, and that would alienate all the Jarlena fans, so … Idk

    Roman – Hell no!
    Rafe – just uh-huh… Can’t even picture it.
    Danie I Another Hell no
    Justin – tried it, HUGE fail! So no.

    Maybe, if Shane returned, it could work.. But yeah, chemistry-wise, John is still the best bet.

    Either that or she goes on the backburner, and that would sseriously suck!!


    Patrick replied

    I know… i still say Shane Donovan… and I love Kimberly to pieces….

    but…. the only way to elevate: ie: any chance of giving Hope new life… sans Bo…

    is someone tried and true… and with a rich, dimension and painful “history”…

    you’d have the conflict from the starting gate….


    what do the fans know…. just saying…

    i say the same thing for Jenn…. and thats Peter Blake…. she’d better get over her past… this is a business… .and would reel in big time…. for ratings… and she’s not even near death… she’s their…


    Shane would also be serious triangle w/Kristen….


  13. Carbofan says:

    Hope should go into the Witless Protection Program & leave Salem for good. what a wast of airtime..


  14. Cheryl says:

    I can honestly say none of the above should be with Hope. The only other guy she had some sparks with was Patrick. Either bring him back or recast another Bo. If not Bo then they need to have better closure on why Bo is staying away, doesn’t make sense. Hope should be served with divorce papers or hear of the awful news that Bo died somehow. How can they keep that significant part of her life open with nothing? C’mon Days it has been well over a year now, they should do something for Hope and Ciara!


  15. Kathy says:

    I think her and Rafe would be good together


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