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30 March 14th, 2013 Get Y&R and B&B On The Go! CBS Corp Launches New App To Stream New Episodes!


Soaps are moving into new technology, and as Prospect Park started the movement towards the future of the different platforms in which we will be able to watch our soaps, you can now add CBS to the mix!

CBS daytime fans will soon have their soaps on the go, with the CBS new App for iPhone and iPad users where you can see full episodes of The Young and the Restless and The Bold and the Beautiful among many others network series.  Below is the official press release announcing the latest technology development to view programming!

Official Press Release:  “CBS Corporation today announced the launch of the new CBS App for iPhone and iPad users, offering full-episode streaming of CBS programming from primetime, daytime and late night. The new app further extends the reach of the shows’ audience, providing more flexibility and opportunity for catch-up viewing and opens yet another monetization window for the Company’s industry-leading content.

The CBS App is available for immediate download from the App Store, and offers original and second-screen features for CBS’s popular shows such as NCIS, The Good Wife, CSI: Crime Investigation Scene, How I Met Your Mother, The Young and the Restless, and The Late Show With David Letterman, among many others. Daytime and late night programming will be available within 24 hours after initial airing, while most primetime programs will be available on the eighth day after broadcast.

CBS also announced it would introduce similar full-episode streaming apps for all major mobile and tablet platforms later this year, including Android and Windows 8.

“We have been methodically and strategically finding new ways to satiate the appetite for our content on new platforms, while tapping into the tremendous revenue provided by doing so,” said Leslie Moonves, President and CEO, CBS Corporation. “Our announcement today achieves both of these objectives, while protecting our very healthy current ecosystem. In addition, by making our shows available on all the leading mobile devices out there, we are confident we will bring a whole new set of viewers to the CBS Television Network and build upon our standing as the #1 network in the business.”

“Our online viewers not only want to watch their favorite shows on multiple devices, they want deeper engagement with the programs they love,” said Jim Lanzone, President of CBS Interactive. “The new CBS App gives them the best of both worlds, letting people watch CBS shows on the best screen available for them, with a host of extra features that give them a richer viewing experience whenever and wherever they tune in.”

The new CBS App will integrate the existing CBS Connect App experience by the start of the fall TV season. At that time, the CBS App will offer integrated social feeds, live events that allow fans to engage directly with talent, and second-screen experiences synched to the broadcast with additional content for select shows like CSI: Crime Scene Investigation, Criminal Minds, Hawaii Five-O and NCIS: Los Angeles.

Buick is the official launch partner for the new CBS App, bringing users CBS programming with reduced commercial interruption for the first several weeks after launch.  The new app further extends the experience to viewers, where the website has led all other broadcast networks in terms of unique viewers for 51 consecutive months (comScore Video Metrix, February 2013).”

So soapers, what do you think of the new CBS App? Will you be watching episodes of The Young and the Restless and The Bold and the Beautiful that way if you have an iPhone or an iPad?

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  1. Janice says:

    love this idea, but why does everybody release apps for iphones first. What about us Android users…there’s tons of us out here! I guess, as usual, we will have to wait. :(


    Faye replied

    I agree and I would very much like it if I could view it either on my Samsung Galaxy S II cell or my Kindle Fire. Not everyone has iPhones.


    Bonita replied

    Does this app cost anything

    Donna replied



    vicsze replied

    that’s nothing, in Australia we are 9 months behind! thanks Foxtel.

  2. Vicsze says:

    Sounds great, but what about the thousands of fans outside the US? We are languishing in our countries with networks screening episodes that are months behind. Our only option is the scour the Internet looking for sources of up to date episodes, only to have these sources continually shut down. It seems ridiculous to me that we are unable to access content directly from the US.


    Pamela Fuentes replied

    Exactly, I have always had android. Been missing my show because I am at work during that time.


  3. Brian Tripp says:

    What is the app called because the only one I can find it CBC connect and I can’t watch shows on it from what I have tried?


    Brian Tripp replied

    Never mind I found it!


  4. Edna Barefoot says:



  5. torontoguy says:

    The app isn’t available in Canada (which isn’t too surprising) but for those that want to watch Days and Y&R you can download the Global TV app and watch them through your iOS device (not sure if its available on other formats) relatively soon after broadcast.


  6. Derek says:

    You know CBS had to do something to compete with the new AMC and oltl.


  7. Dee McBridge says:

    No time to watch that way and love to relax and watch. But right now am thinking of dumping Y and R for a while.cannot take Michaels pain and Laurens stupidity and dispise Carmine. They cheated us Likey fans out of a real bedroom scene with Lauren and Michael and show us the cheap crap with Carmine..I am so over this story it is moving way to slow am sick of Lauren chasing after a slimey greaseball bartender when a real man loves he so much. This is not good for Y and R to continue to ruin Likey just to pimp Carmine.


    Vicsze replied

    Sometimes they break up couples so that they can go through the “re-romancing” part & have them get back together. If you stop watching now then you’ll miss that part.


    Dee McBridge replied

    Thanks for the input and the uplifting thoughts..It better happen soon been way to long and I don’t need to wait forever . Lauren and Michael have been the best there is in soaps today and to ruin them to pimp some muscle bound ape is beyond me..Heard that the new lady running the show likes her young muscle bound mindless non actor boys..well she can have em I like men with substance

  8. Rose says:

    It’s about time. Abc had already been doing this.


  9. Patrick says:

    smart move on CBS’ part….. it’s keeping up with the times….

    Lord knows…. we have to hear one more time… what the #1 soap is…. and/or network.


    keeping it real….. this will also bode well for PP… bringing more attention to AMC and OLTL…

    so, it’s a win – win for all.

    I wish NBC/Sony/Days – was as proactive….


  10. robert says:

    I like this idea. Could boost the soap ratings.


  11. Shirley Strickler says:

    I love Carmine and Lauren’s romance ,her and Michael’s marriage was getting so boring. Wake up Soap lovers that’s what we want “excitment and fun loving romance. Lighten up people this is what a soap is all about so just sit back open your mind and just enjoy


    Patrick replied

    I will say… food for thought….

    I never thought… they’d find a perfect fit/partner/wife/lover…. etc… for Michael… he was and still is so caught up in work (he’s always played the legalese Profession – so interesting)… and the Newmans… that, Lauren brought out so much more, for Christian LeBlanc… to showcase his Talent.

    ditto: for Tracey Bregman…. that infamous Bad girl… gets “good”… she’s prevailed and garnered her acting chops thoughout the years…

    and these two bring out the best in each other…

    I like how it was said… these two literally screen tested for the producers, if you will to show how much they wanted to work together… and low and behold…

    they never get uninteresting….

    yeah, over the years… it’s just time… for the writers to flesh evenmoreso… the capabilities that these two long time staples will continue to reel in… the passion… they ignited.


    Patrick replied

    i will say… Wow! This Carmine… and w/Lauren…. steamy sultry sweaty machismo…. w/her femme fe talle…. she’s still go it…

    the show… should showcase…. the “wronged” mans…story…. and point of view…

    Christian LeBlanc can definately pull that off….

    his journey… and seeing if Tracey Bregman… struggle and angst her wanton lust…. forbidden…. last harrah… you name it… that bad girl incarnate….



  12. Sue Soulia says:

    Hi, I have to say I am very frustrated and upset that CBS would roll out an App for IPhone and IPad users without an App for Android users. I have a Nexus 10 Tablet and cannot get through a full episode on without my screen freezing, distorting the picture, or turning completely green. I have been a viewer of Y&R since 1992, but I’m ready to give it up. I used to listen to it on my radio and that went digital…so no more broadcast, then I went to DVR, but that takes up a lot of space if I can’t watch right away. So I thought I’ll get a tablet, but that has been an epic fail!!! Why would you think of Apple customers only. I feel you should not have launched any Apps until you could serve all your markets. That was a very poor marketing idea. I think I might just quit Y&R anyway, I’m getting sick of how your writers are treating Sharon’s character, please give her a break. She needs some dignity and respect back. Not to mention a new guy! Bring back the old writers, the story lines are making no sense. Sorry just my opinion. Just had to vent.


    Christina rehm replied

    I have a apple I pad and I can’t get CBS anymore eather, so it’s not just yours that won’t work


  13. brenda says:

    What about android? The newer android can’t get adobe flash player. Please get androids with this.


  14. Lois Campbell says:

    When will THE CBS Go app be available for my Samsung Galaxy2 tablet??


  15. Christina rehm says:

    Very upset, I have been watching my soaps, young and restless and bold and beautiful on my I pad. Now all of a sudden it says I can’t anymore. Why? I have apple I pad. It keeps telling me its not equipped anymore. Well I want CBS back please


  16. Yolanda says:

    i have cbs app
    Why can’t I watch bold & beautiful episode I missed last week?
    I never had problem before


  17. Linda Miller says:

    Why can’t they make an app for the Windows 8.1 phones so we can get young and the restless and bold and the beautiful.plz we want to be able to watch ur favorite soaps on the go thank u so very much


  18. kathy says:

    I’m not understanding why the Windows phones can’t get the CBS APP!! I’m hoping to see it soon, after all, it has been 2 yrs since you posted about the new and improved CBS app and windows and windows 8.1 phones will be able to get CBS app later in 2013!! It is now September of 2015, Hoping to see it some year, soon!! Thank you


  19. toni M says:

    I watch both, Young and restless and bold and beautiful, everyday. Some times I can’t watch eather soap. The. Thks lots for this. App.


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