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20 November 16th, 2012 Gabriel Mann Speaks On Playing Bisexual Nolan On REVENGE!

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Revenge favorite, Gabriel Mann (Nolan Ross) is getting to play both sides of the fence, sort of speak, these days on the scandalous primetime ABC soap!  Currently, Nolan has been involved with the beautiful Padma Lahari, but coming this Thanksgiving, former Guiding Light star, E. J. Bonilla shows up in a flashback as Marco, who looks to be the ex of Nolan!  Then, on the following Sunday episode, Marco comes back in the present! So what is up with the tech genius?  Is he truly bisexual?  In a conversation with the, Gabriel revealed that he relishes being one of television’s only bisexual characters! Here are a few excerpts:

Gabriel on playing a bisexual character:  “I kind of thought that was really interesting as a character because we’ve had some really great, interesting gay characters on television, we’ve certainly had a hundred, million years of everybody being straight on TV too. I thought that bisexuals weren’t well represented. So as we were kind of figuring out who this guy was, I felt like that would something really interesting to play with, certainly different than some of what we’ve seen on television.”

Gabriel on if swinging both ways is for Nolan’s own ulterior motives:  “It leaves all doors open, even beyond the sexuality in terms of the genesis of that whole character, my whole feeling about it was that I wanted to leave everything open,’ he adds. ‘Is he a good guy? Is he a bad guy? Is he sleeping with guys? Is he sleeping with girls? Are his intentions true? Is he really just the ultimate two-face?’

Gabriel on Nolan’s last love affair which ended up with the character of Tyler being killed-off:  ‘I don’t know that Nolan misses Tyler but Gabe misses acting with Ashton  Holmes. He was just so much fun to work with and the character he created for the show combined with the character that I created for the show were just a match made in hell and that’s drama gold sometimes. I miss that kind of tension that we had. Some of those were some of my favorite scenes from last year.”

So what do you think of having Nolan being bisexual on Revenge? Do you think he will sleep with who ever suits him at that time? Do you think there’s more to the story? Let us know your thoughts!

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  1. Manon says:

    I LOVE that he swings both ways – I’d bet my last dollar that he sleeps with whomever for a reason though – to further his plans, but I also think that he’s lonely and that is a deciding factor as well. Very complex character played to perfection by Gabriel – can’t wait to see his interactions with Marco.:)


  2. Jean says:

    Nolan is awesome~ We love him no matter what!


  3. dg says:

    I think bisexuality should bexplored in American TV because especially as it relates to men we refuse to believe that it exists in this country. But on the other hand producers often cowardly use it as a plot device to back away from a gay male story when they start to get heat from sponsors , the network or viewers.
    That happened on Dynasty in the 80s and it pissed off actor Al Corley who originated the role of Steven Carrington. In my opinion bi stories can create great drama and should be used too seriously explore all the social ramifications of that sexual proclivity, not just for sensational or prurient motives. However in the case of Nolan and Revenge I object. First of all the writers drew the character as flamboyant and stereotypically gay from day one. He could barely shoot a gun last season . But now he’s boxing and banging babes? Gimme a break. And the actor is much more suites to a gay role. Neil Parixk Harris is a gay man who can play straight very well. Many actors can defy their real life proclivities in roles. But in this case I say the bisexual angle is not believable. It’s not just the actor its how the writers have drawn the character thus far. This shift isnt believable to me. Love the show though lol.


    SZima replied

    Don’t over-think it!


    dg replied

    Im a journalist, a writer and a commentator. Critical thinking is my vocation.

    SZima replied

    If you’re a writer, you should check your spelling, grammer and punctuation.


    Cole replied

    “Grammer” is spelled g-r-a-m-m-a-r

    maybe a spell check would be advisable for both of you #justsaying

  4. SZima says:

    I think it’s an interesting way to go.
    I also think Nolan will sleep with whomever to get what he wants, but that he is lonely and maybe looking for love in all the wrong places…(Que the music)


  5. Maina Edward says:

    Love Nolan the way he is, it can’t get any better… straight or bi Nolan is the best thing happened to the show. I like the uncertainty he brings to his character which is intriguing I am surprised & shocked at the events unfolding every minute… Love the show & love NOLAN ROSS forever!! All the best to Gabriel Mann…


  6. dg says:

    Im a journalist, a writer and a commentator. Thinking,, critiquing, is my nature and my vocation. Im not just a viewer looking to escape.


  7. Rodd says:

    I LOVE that Nolan is different then the rest of the canvas. Gabriel brings such brilliance to his portryal of Nolan that I wouldn’t care if he was into cars. I’d still be rooting for him.


  8. grb says:

    Love the character he portrays and specially the way he delivers it…


    jobre123 replied

    I love Nolan. He is intriging and I want him to be bisexual. It would be very disapointing if he wasn’t bisexual.


  9. Mary says:

    fascinated by character of Nolan! My favorite by far.


  10. Mary says:

    btw – Gabriel said Nolan is a bad dresser, but he seems to rock whatever he wears! A week or so ago he wore a white hoodie for a shirt and looked ready for the runway – I called my sister in another state to say “That’s just a damn hoodie and he looks phenomenal!”


  11. Vicki rae says:

    I think gabriel is so very xtraordinary! I wish I could meet him


  12. Vicki rae says:

    Gabriel Mann you must call me we look like twins!


  13. sandra k says:

    Nolan is fantastic, i love the part he plays, and i like the fact that he swings both ways, he is sooooo good looking.


  14. Sabrina says:

    I know this is not a popular opinion, but I really prefer NOT to see gay or lesbian relationships played out on network television … just do not feel it is necessary to become invested in a show that you really love only to have them use their platform to bow down to the gay agenda. If people want to watch that behavior there are plenty of other shows to choose from, yet it seems the hollywood crowd make this an “in your face” issue for many of the best new shows today. I don’t get it. The “straight” population AND viewers far outweigh the other, so why does every new series have to throw that issue into the story-line once they realize that viewers love the show? I love Nolan and regardless of his sexual preference, the show (for me) is still watchable if his personal business isn’t all over the screen. I ‘m disappointed that the actor who plays Patrick agreed to play the role of a gay man … he would have been great on the show without stooping to such a level. The show was much better prior to making that a major part of the story in Season 3. :(


  15. LizzyBeth says:

    I LOVE the character of Nolan and as a bisexual woman, It’s wonderful to finally see a “bisexual” character, I feel that though Nolan could have a purpose, or reason behind those he hooks up with in the show, both male and female, I don’t believe it’s all for a “hidden” agenda. I think that that it goes deeper than that for the character. I think he’s ultimately a good guy with a big heart that genuinely cares for those he becomes involved with. Everyone is truly entitled to their opinions, but as for mine I am so glad to be seeing show many tv shows now showing LGBT relationships in a positive and real way. It’s a mirror image of society and it’s a beautiful thing to see all forms of love and relationships represented!.. To those that feel that showing LGBT relationships on TV is only an “agenda” ?!… I think the same could be said of showing only heterosexual relationships on TV. If that attitude was reversed and those of us of the LGBT community said that we didn’t want to see hetero love openly shown I can only imagine the black-lash that would ensue. Way 2 GO ABC!!! I LOVE revenge, I love Gabriel Mann as Nolan Ross. To my knowledge the only other show that comes to mind that has shown a bisexual character was House!… It makes those of us that are bi feel included as we are very much a part of society. Can I also say how awesome it would be to have Nolan Ross as a friend?!… He’s awesome. :) I am sure Gabriel Mann is too.


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