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11 May 14th, 2011 DAYS Chandler Massey on that shirtless video of finding out he is an Emmy nominee & more!

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This past Thursday, a video making it’s way around the Internet of a shirtless Chandler Massey (Will) of Days of our Lives, finding out he was nominated for a Daytime Emmy was all the rage.  Now On-Air On-Soaps caught up with the newly nominated Younger Actor Emmy contender to get his thoughts on the nomination, the rumors of a gay storyline for Will, and if that shirtless video was indeed real or a publicity set-up.   Here is what Chandler had to say about it all.

Chandler on if the video exploding on the Internet of him half-naked was  real or set-up: “Yes it was real.  It was not a set-up.  That was my apartment actually, not my dressing room at DAYS.  My publicist and friend Jeff, came over and was knocking on the door and woke me up! I did not even know Wednesday was the day the nominations were coming out or anything. So he shows up at my door with a camera, and I go, “What is going on here?” And he told me I was nominated, but it took me a second to compute what he was saying! Then I just started freaking out. It was early for me, around 8:45am.  When I am off work, that is early for me.  I did not get dressed immediately after finding out the news either! (Laughs)   I went to get my phone and I had all these text messages and missed calls. Then I called my Mom and she actually knew! Next,  I called my grandparents and talked to everyone for awhile. It was a great day.  I saw Alison Sweeney (Sami) at work the next day and she congratulated me. I am flying my mom out from Georgia to be my date for the Daytime Emmys  and that will be great, but I am going to have to keep her away from all the gambling. (Laughs) I think it will be a fun night regardless of what happens or who wins.

Chandler on what episode he chose for contention and why: “I chose the episode that had one scene in it for me. It was like three minutes long and it was a scene with Will and Sami, where Sami was upset because Nicole found the evidence that Sami shot EJ. And she was worried, because now Nicole was using it to blackmail Sami and Rafe to spend time with Sydney. She was worried that Sydney was going to think Nicole was her real mom. Will was just trying to calm her down and make her feel better, actually it was not that dramatic at all. I remember I decided on that episode because when I watched the scene again,  it sort of hit me as being very real scene that a mom and son could have, but of course under extraordinary circumstances. Alison Sweeney is phenomenal to work and it felt right.”

Chandler on if he is familiar with the other two nominees in his category: “I saw Chad’s Duell’s (Michael, GH’s) one episode that he submitted and I was impressed.  It was a great story that they have gave him and that he could sink his teeth into.”

Chandler on the rumored big gay summer story planned that is said to be involving his character of Will, and how the thought of DAYS first gay story is generating much PR for him and DAYS  even though nothing has happened yet on-air and there is a lot of speculation going  around. “I know, I know, (Laughs) I am in the same boat as everybody else.”

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  1. LUMI says:

    I am pissed about him going gay on Days,Will Horton has always been on Dool and has never-ever made us think he is gay,and I will never-ever believe it,,, never ever,,


    Angelo replied

    ^^Get over yourself! You act like they killed the guy and worse, you act like being gay is something bad. Being homophobic is far worse.


    lumi replied

    you get over yourself,we can say what we want just like you do,
    I am talking about a soap charecters,most of the long time Days fans feel the same way as I do,so you get over your self and dont email me again,

    marknsprmo replied

    say what you want but you are not very bright if you haven’t picked up that Will had a big ole crush on Chad. In fact the actors playing those parts purposely played it that way and gave themselves a couples name Chill. There is a website dedicated to this supercouple in the making. So for you to think of this as being out of the blue is kinda backwards for you. Maybe you should pay more attention.


  2. brett says:

    im looking forward to this storyline so much i think chandler massey is hot and days did a excellent job in casting him sadly i live in sydney aust and we’re fourteen months behind the states so we have to wait awhile to see this story unfold but its high time this soap got it together and introduced gay characters they attempted an AIDS storyline years ago and it was just glossed over but given the current climate for soaps this story played right could bring alot of younger viewers on board especially those wrestling with their sexuality and it doesn’t matter if your gay or straight this story should be compelling and any person who is in turmoil over ur sexuality please know you are not alone and you are loved and respected and HOMOPHOBIA IS UNCOOL!


  3. Sheri greenblatt says:

    Days is doing a great job with Will. I think he is still confused about his feelings,


  4. Sheri greenblatt says:

    Why does Sami always cause trouble. Can’t she just appreciate her handsome hunk
    of a husband and take a chill pill. She is such a winey b—- and I don’t know how Raffe can stand her, He deserves so much better. I hope they find a new woman for him.


  5. Jessie says:

    Okay. I am lesbian and i have been for three years now. This is a great thing that days us doing. I still haven’t come out to my parents. I know the feelings that will is having on this show. It’s literally scary. And you don’t know what is gonna be every ones reaction. So you know I take offense to the comment up above. I hate homophobics. They really piss me off.


  6. nancy says:

    i would love to see will in a first time gay love triangle between ej sonny will that would be fun to watch


  7. nancy says:

    It is insaned to put Nicole and Daniel together on Days. Her and Daniel making out and she is having EJ’s baby, and have feelings for Rafe that’s a hol===. poor writers.


  8. ronscoles says:



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