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4 February 12th, 2012 Brandon Beemer & Nadia Bjorlin’s cover story for YOU Magazine in South Africa!

For the Valentine’s Day issue of YOU Magazine, a popular entertainment and lifestyle magazine from South Africa, gorgeous daytime drama couple, B&B’s Brandon Beemer and Venice and Ex-DAYS Nadia Bjorlin prove that yes, soap stars can actually get an international cover of a magazine! Something of course, we would love to see more of in the U.S.!  But, we know how that one goes!

Brandon and Nadia’s cover story was part of the February 9th issue of YOU, and in the feature the couple talked about renovating their home and their relationship.  The tease of the article went something like this:  “Their characters have battled all manner of nail-biting drama – including being stranded on a desert island, surviving cancer and a near-fatal car accident.  But ask Brandon Beemer and Nadia Bjorlin (both 31) about the most stressful thing they’ve ever done and the soap-star couple instantly agree: renovating their California home.  When they bought the four-bedroom, three-bathroom, double-storey house on the outskirts of Los Angeles in July 2009 they knew they had a bit of a fixer-upper on their hands, Brandon and Nadia say, taking time out of their schedules to chat to YOU.  And no sooner had the renovation madness calmed down than along came a camera crew that followed Nadia and Brandon’s every move for months for a reality TV show called Dirty Soap.

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  1. Mo says:

    Brandon traveled to South Africa recently. I think B&B is pretty big over there.


  2. Tom says:

    Still don’t get why he’s being tossed from B&B. The show needs more of him, not less.


  3. Michelle StarCam says:

    We interviewed Nadia Bjorlin recently and she revealed her celebrity crush! Check out the video here: … You’re welcome to post it on your site if you’d like. Thanks!


  4. Raura says:

    i’m glad james scott has won adonis for the last coplue of yearsbut hot damn, brandon beemer totally needs to be an adonis one of these years. i don’t understand why people don’t vote for him enough.


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