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November 27, 2015

EXCLUSIVE: Michael E. Knight Pays Tribute To Former All My Children Castmate, The Late David Canary


As fans, castmates, and colleagues learned earlier this week of the passing of five-time Daytime Emmy-winning All My Children star, David Canary, people immediately went on social media sharing their sentiments and grief over the death of this icon.  Canary, for over 26 years played the incomparable Chandler twins: Adam and Stuart.  It’s a performance that will be remembered and never-to-be-seen again in the annals of the soap genre.  Canary died at age 77 at his home in Connecticut on November 16th.

One of Canary’s longtime cast members deeply affected by his passing is The Young and the Restless‘ Michael E. Knight (Simon Neville).  For it was Knight, who entered Pine Valley as Tad Martin, right around the same time as Canary.  David had just left his role of Steven Frame on Another World to take on the leading roles of Adam and Stuart on AMC.

In an exclusive conversation with On-Air On-Soaps, Knight shared his thoughts on: his beloved co-star, what David meant to daytime, their final tape day together on the set of ABC’s All My Children, the profound moment when Canary made an acting choice that would forever change the way Stuart Chandler would be played for the next 26 years, and more.  A retrospective, emotional, and candid Knight gave us a special inside glimpse into what made the actor and the man, David Canary, the most respected in his field.  Here’s what Michael expressed: Read more >

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