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January 20, 2018

Genie Francis Dropped To Recurring Status By General Hospital As Laura’s Story Comes To Abrupt Halt!

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Over the past 24 hours, reports have surfaced on one of the most unsatisfying casting decisions in recent history.  Daytime icon, Genie Francis (Laura) had been taken off contract by General Hospital and apparently dropped to recurring status.

To add fuel to the fire if viewers of the ABC soap opera caught Friday’s episode, they saw Laura making an about face when news came that her grandson Spencer had broken both his legs in Europe.  Thus, all of a sudden Laura was dropping out of the mayor’s race and asking her husband Kevin (Jon Lindstrom) to step in, because she will be gone for awhile, and family comes first.

According to a report from Soap Central on Saturday: “Francis was informed in late 2017 that she would be dropped to recurring status in 2018 — and that executive producer Frank Valentini wanted Francis to appear in about a dozen or so episodes per year. Francis was said to be devastated by the decision and reportedly refused to agree to appear so infrequently.”

Meanwhile. Daytime Confidential, who first broke the story, related that multiple sources say that the popular soap star was bumped from contract to recurring status.

From the looks of things, the GH writing team had to make some quick script changes to make a story exit for Laura, just as she was set to be a major mayoral candidate in Port Charles, and just married the new love of her life, Kevin Collins.

As to Genie’s tenure at GH: There has never been a more popular soap opera duo in the history of the medium then Luke (Tony Geary) and Laura.  Francis has been with GH on and off since 1977, when she debuted as a young teenaged Laura Vining.

Genie exited the series in 1982 and returned in 1993.  She came back to GH in 2002 but contract talks went awry,  However, in the next decade Genie made several returns and in 2015 came back to help send off Tony Geary’s Luke, but as part of that deal received a long-term contract with the series.  There had been many promises along the way that Laura would get a major story of her own.  Was this about to happen and it was kiboshed?

Now fans are upset and are putting it out there, that perhaps, Genie could become part of the story on DAYS which would reunite her with her former on-screen son Tyler Christopher (Ex-Nikolas, now Stefan, DAYS) and reprise her role of Diana Colville, or play someone new! Read more >

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